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Welcome to the web site of the Law Office of Paul B. Christensen, P.A. , a Jacksonville, Florida-based law firm committed to providing legal services devoted to immigration law.

The firm represents Fortune 500 corporations, global businesses, health care facilities and professionals, governmental organizations, universities, and individual clients from all points of the world.

When considering an immigration lawyer in matters requiring complex technical and business matters, seek out an attorney with a formal education in the sciences and business, rather than the majority of attorneys whose undergraduate degree is in the arts (e.g., history and political science). Ask for a copy of his or her curriculum vitae. According to the ABA, most lawyers graduate with degrees in the arts. Attorney Christensen’s Bachelor of Science degree major is in Computer Science with an emphasis in Electrical Engineering. In addition to a J.D. law degree, he has also earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA). Coupled with strong academics, he has worked as an engineering executive for several large telecom companies, including AT&T and MediaOne.

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