The Supreme Court Issues Initial Consent With Portions of Arizona’s State Immigration Law

The U.S. Supreme Court indicated Wednesday it will uphold controversial parts of Arizona’s immigration law, namely a requirement that law enforcement officers check the immigration status of persons under suspicion of being unlawfully present in the U.S. What’s become a divisive issue in the 2012 presidential campaign, both conservative and liberal justices who heard oral arguments found no compelling objection to the respective section of the state’s immigration law. (04/26/2012)

VAWA CRS Report on Immigration Provisions

Congressional Research Service report from April 10, 2012 titled “Immigration Provisions of VAWA” provides a summary of VAWA procedure as well as feedback on immigration provisions, and a report of current Congressional legislation.

Affect of U.S. Government shut-down on the H-1B program

The U.S. Government shutdown is affecting U.S. DOL processes, including the administration of the iCert system. Since the beginning of the shut-down, iCert users have not been able to access the government’s system for the preparation and filing of ETA-9035 labor Condition Applications (LCA). USCIS has issued a guidance memo that suggests the agency will accept H-1B case filings without a DOL-certified LCA. While the memo appears to address H-1B concerns, it does not address allied NIV cases like E-3 where an LCA is included with a normal filing.