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QUALIFICATIONS - Broadcasting, telecommunications engineering and immigration legal executive with experience in the administration, leadership and regulatory compliance of large R.F. and fiber-optic communications networks including the following technical, management, and legal disciplines:

- FCC Rules and Regulations (Emphasis in 47 CFR 76)
- IntraCity Video, Voice & Data,Networks
- CATV/Broadband Systems Integration
- Microwave Transmission & NTSC Standards
- MPEG Digital Audio & Video Standards
- High-Speed Interactive Broadband Networks
- Fiber Optic Video/Data Transmission
- AM/FM/Television Broadcast Systems Integration
- ADC DV & Fujitsu SONET Optical Networks
- Communications Facilities Integration
- Satellite Uplink/Downlink Facilities
- High-Power Directional AM Systems
- Contract Law & Vendor Negotiation
- Capital Project Management in CPM,PERT, MS
- NPV and IRR capital budgeting models
- FCC Petitions for Rulemaking
- SBE Professional Level Certified (CPBE)
- SBE CPBE, CBNT, 8-VSB, AMD Certifications,
- Business and family-based immigration law.


Juris Doctorate (JD), Florida Coastal School of Law, Graduated December, 1999. Completed Summer 1998 law studies at Cambridge University. Emphasis in immigration, communications, and and intellectual property law.

Master of Business Administration (MBA), University of North Florida. Graduated 1991. Emphasis in Finance and Investments

Bachelor of Science (BS), Northern Illinois University. Graduated 1983. Major: Computer Science with emphasis in Electrical Engineering.


LAW OFFICE of P.B. CHRISTENSEN, P.A. 2002 - Present

Managing Partner – Sole practice law firm with an emphasis in immigration law and FCC Part 76 municipality agreements, negotiations between municipalities and broadband MSOs. Sub practice areas include I-9 compliance, business investment visas, business formation and contracts. Also serve as a subject-matter expert to intellectual property law firms in matters relating to fiber-optic technologies.

AT&T BROADBAND 1995 – 2002

Senior Corporate Engineer - Includes acquired MediaOne and TCI properties. Managed the end-to-end technical implementation of AT&T’s Broadband digital services in all eastern AT&T Broadband markets:

- Advised AT&T Broadband on legal matters relating to fiber service agreements with the Bell operating companies and other fiber-delivered common carriers.
- Developed and published the AT&T enterprise service-ready standards, incorporating network, service, and market-ready definitions for digital/analog video, high-speed Internet, and telephony-over-cable products and services. Standards published in the AT&T Broadband Architectural Manual.
- Mediated project issues between the local market launch teams, local governing authorities, and AT&T’s Local Network Services & Business division (“LNS”) for on-time delivery of transport, switch, and E-911 services.
- Coordinated 5E switch, SONET transport, HFC plant, and fiber-optic headend/hub facility time lines. Initiated and managed all change control processes for eastern AT&T markets.
- Assisted local AT&T markets with telephony-related capital budgeting for implementation into AT&T’s Work Breakdown Structure and enterprise Plan-of-Record.
- Coordinated HFC certification processes, bit-error-rate performance testing, end-to-end continuity and feature-set testing, and post-launch demonstrated measures of service quality.
- Managed the engineering enterprise productivity databases specific to the eastern markets for households passed, fiber/cable mileage, facility readiness dates, network-ready, service-ready, and market-ready reporting.

Director of Broadband Engineering – (1997-2000) – Managed the Hybrid-Fiber-Coaxial (“HFC”) systems integration of eighteen fiber-optic headend and hub facilities, providing advanced analog video, digital video, telephony, and high-speed cable modem services:

- Full responsibility over MediaOne's broadcast network operating center, master control, three television studios, and a network-quality ENG truck which is presently being used by Comcast Sports as its primary network truck for its southeast sports network.
- Served as systems integrator for MediaOne’s NextTV OpenCable Team, the nation’s first open-architecture digital video services standard. Jacksonville’s OpenCable service broadcasts over 200 digitally encrypted video channels within 100 MHz of forward cable spectrum.
- Accountable for an annual capital budget in excess of $17 million, and an operating budget in excess of $4 million.
- Team leader over an engineering staff of thirty engineers, technicians, FCC compliance coordinators and support staff.
- Served as Regional Director of Engineering between April, 1999, and September, 2000 with overall engineering accountability for three MediaOne MSO districts including Jacksonville, Richmond, and Naples.
- Successfully reorganized the HFC quality-control and certification programs and more than doubled the successful certified fiber-optic node and service-ready broadband passings over a five month period in the third quarter of 1999.
- Developed the district’s HFC forward and return radio frequency (“R.F.”) spectrum management and utilization plan.
- Developed accounting and financial ratios, specific to engineering operations which allow for rapid cross-district financial operating and reporting comparisons. Developed the department’s disaster recovery plan and served on the regional Y2K Compliance Committee.

Manager of Systems Engineering - AT&T/MediaOne (1995-1997) – Includes acquired Continental Cablevision, Inc. Led the planning and execution of system development projects and system upgrades:

- Designed the Jaguars Radio Network production facilities at Jacksonville’s AllTel Stadium.
- Managed a two-member team for FCC and local government compliance testing.
- Assisted the Director of Engineering with administering capital and operating budgets.
- Secured new client leases on company-owned communications towers.
- Analyzed and evaluated emerging high-speed Internet and data-over-cable technology.
- Supervised the technical operation and staffing of two television studios, and a video production truck.
- Led the technical development of the design and installation of the city’s first wide-area data-over-cable network as part of the company’s Futureworks and JetNet project.
- Developed the Vyvx video fiber distribution network from Jacksonville’s AllTel Stadium to Vyvx’s local point-of-presence.
- Proficient in the use of Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDR), HP tracking spectrum analyzers, and Tektronix VM-700A video and audio performance measurement systems.
- Designed and installed several distance-learning projects utilizing fiber-optic and ITFS microwave technology as part of an ongoing plan to assist the Duval County School Board and their Distance Learning Consortium.
- Designed an experimental SONET inter-city relay system for the off-air program delivery of the local CBS television affiliate to a regional headend facility.
- Consulting Engineer of Jacksonville Jaguars Video Master Control and National Broadcast Center


Director of Engineering – (includes Prism Radio Partners, LLC: 1994 - 1995) Accountable for technical operation of nine broadcasting facilities: WXXL-FM, Orlando; WAPE-AM, Jacksonville; WKQL-FM, Jacksonville; WOKV-AM, Jacksonville; WIVY-FM, Jacksonville; WEAT-AM/FM, Palm Beach; WCOD, Hyannis, WFAL-FM, Falmouth; WFXR-FM, Harwichport, Massachusetts:

- Designed two high-power FM transmitting installations and administrative facilities totaling over 2.5 million dollars in capital costs. By utilizing CPM and PERT planning techniques, all projects were completed on time and under budget.
- Designed, budgeted, and project managed the installation of WAPE’s Harris DX-50 and DX-10 solid-state digital AM transmitters, including the installation and proof-of-performance of its complex six-tower night-time AM directional array at Baldwin, Florida. Installed new Phasetek five-tower phasor for WOKV-AM end-file directional array. Integrated all Taylor and Prism groups stations in one common facility after Prism acquisition in 1994.
- Implemented PC-based operating expense spreadsheet tracking of monthly department costs and maintenance trends.
- Developed equipment standardization policies for reducing the high cost of managing replacement parts inventory.
- Prepared all engineering statements for submission to the Federal Communications Commission and ensuring the compliance of federal engineering standards.
- Developed standardized contracts for corporate site tower leasing Revenue increases achieved through maximizing tower structural loads, improving auxiliary services, frequency coordination, and escalating contract renewals. Coordinated a three-station facilities move to a new building on Cape Cod in 1994, and specified the technical, facilities, and data processing design criteria.
- Changed the city-of-license and transmitter relocation of WFAL, Falmouth, Massachusetts. By utilizing FCC-compliant protection contour database information, I led the move of the station to a high cash-flow area of Cape Cod, resulting in a substantial increase in the station’s market value. In a similar vein, I successfully employed the same criteria with Taylor’s legal counsel to change the Orlando station's city-of-license from Leesburg to Tavares, Florida in an effort to position Taylor to move it’s transmitter facility to the highly desirable transmitter location at Orange City, Florida.


Chief Engineer, WIVY-FM, Jacksonville – Team leader of the station’s engineering staff, federal technical compliance of two high-power transmitting facilities, and a quarter-million dollar annual operating and capital budget:

- Developed a structured preventive maintenance plan, capital equipment standardization, and the installation of a computerized energy management system at the transmitter facilities.
- Developed several specialized equipment designs based on state-of-the-art digital and analog techniques: A full-duplex digital sampling hybrid, microwave transmission system utilizing frequency-diversity data switching, and analog op-amp distribution amplifiers. Utilized CAD software for all circuit layouts.
- Published a four-part article in BM/E magazine: "Psychoacoustics: The Science of Sound Perception."

RKO GENERAL, INC. 1984 - 1985

Assistant Chief Engineer, WFYR-FM (103.5 MHz), Chicago – Assisted in the specialized equipment design projects for a major-market broadcast facility. Designs were implemented at the Sears Tower transmitters, as well as the Prudential Building studios and auxiliary transmitter:

- Project successes: Digital-to-analog R.F. power converter for computer sampling, a precision digital-based audio attenuator, and non-volatile program routing switcher, installation of an eight-track recording studio and complete control room renovation in 1985.


Chief Engineer – Served in this capacity while attending Northern Illinois University. Responsible for studio and transmitter maintenance of a Class B 20KW facilities. Served as Engineer at WKDI-FM, NIU’s student-run cable FM station. Served as technician to “TV-6,” NIU’s student television station.

- Project successes: Design and construction of an op-amp based program equalizer utilized between WNIU-FM and WLBK-AM/WDEK-FM for the audio delivery of various satellite-delivered formats.
- Designed the stereo FM cable television distribution system at NIU’s Holmes Student Center and the Time-Warner CATV headend facility in Sycamore, Illinois for program distribution of WKDI-FM to all residence halls and Time-Warner subscribers.


Society of Broadcast Engineers – Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer (CPBE #50803)
Society of Broadcast Engineers – Certified Broadcast Network Technologist (CBNT #80925)
Society of Broadcast Engineers – Certified AM Directional Specialist (#50803)
Society of Broadcast Engineers – Certified 8-VSB HDTV Television Specialist (#50803)
Federal Communications Commission General Class License with Radar Endorsement: (License No. PG-18-13015)
Member in Good Standing, The Florida Bar (#507334)
Member in Good Standing, U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida (#0507334)


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Christensen, P.B., "Psychoacoustics: The Science of Sound Perception - Part II." BM/E, April, 1987, pp. 49-59.
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Christensen, P.B., "Maximizing FM Modulation: A Digital Approach to the Composite Baseband." Proceedings of the Society of Cable and Telecommunications Engineers, April, 1990.
Christensen, P.B., "Brown-Forman Company – Southern Comfort Corporation Financial Merger Analysis.” Master’s Degree Thesis, University of North Florida. April, 1991.
Christensen, P.B., “The Internet Tax Freedom Act and the States’ Limitation on Internet Taxation.” Graduate research project in Communications Law, Florida Coastal School of Law, December, 1999.
Christensen, P.B., “Digital Radio Mondiale on the Air,” Radio Guide, July, 2004.
Christensen, P.B., “An SWR Null Meter,” QST, February, 2010, pp.30-34. Cover Plaque awarded by the ARRL on March 1, 2010. Reprint in RadioRivistra, Organo Ufficiale Dell'Associazione RadioAmatori Italiani, November, 2010, pp. 21-23.
Christensen, P.B., “Network Control of the W8ZR StationPro II," QEX Magazine, March/April, 2011, pp.9-14.


Member, Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE #21357)
Member, Audio Engineering Society, University of Miami Chapter (AES #63961)
Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE # 80145767)
Member, Society of Cable and Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE #188629)
Member, American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA #17463)


Society of Broadcast Engineers – FCC Liaison Committee Member (June, 2004 – 2009)
Engineers for the Integrity of Auxiliary Broadcast Services (October, 2009 – Present)


American Lung Association
Greater Arlington Community Council
American Radio Relay League
North Florida Amateur Radio Society

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