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The Law Office of Paul B. Christensen, P.A. is pleased to provide our clients with another leading-technology advantage in the practice of immigration law...

By utilizing Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) software, we can conduct individual client consultations and business meetings from our offices to any point on the seven continents! Even forms and files can be viewed and exchanged between client and attorney prior to processing. Moreover, the cost of the communication link is cost-free! For our international clients, this means we can schedule consultations without having to pass the high cost of international long-distance billing charges on to you, our valued clients.

As an alternative to Skype and AIM, we also have access to MSN Messenger. MSN Messenger versions 5.0 and higher allow for world-wide messaging and audio conferencing.

Downloading Skype or AIM is free and easy! Click on the logo below to download to your computer.


Skype ID: pc-immigration-lawyer


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