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If you are a health care worker with a background as a physician, nurse, pharmacist, medical technologist, care giver, or bio-medical engineer, The Law Office of Paul B. Christensen, P.A. can assist you in realizing your aspirations of seeking health care employment in the U.S. - United States Immigration law allows for many different entry paths into the U.S. for health care workers wishing to obtain a temporary or permanent visa.

Selecting a visa-path best suited for you can present complex, challenging, and confusing issues. Oftentimes, finding the most appropriate path requires a comprehensive analysis of the health care worker's academic and professional qualifications. Once the worker's history is assessed, his or her qualifications are processed through a decision-tree which takes the worker's qualifications, history and other relevent legal criteria through a matrix of visa options. Once we solve for, and prioritize the best options, we then present your options to you and explain the visa processing milestones and time-line of events.

The health care category of this web site is primarily divided into three areas: 1) immigration information related to physicians, 2) immgration information relating to nurses, and 3) other health care categories including technologists and allied health care workers. The links below will take you to your area of interest.




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